, convert_missing=True, remove_time_vars=True, **kwargs)[source]

Function to read radiation data from NOAA GML.

  • filename (str or pathlib.Path) – Data file full path name.

  • convert_missing (boolean) – Option to convert missing values to NaN. If turned off will set variable attribute to missing value expected. This works well to preserve the data type best for writing to a netCDF file.

  • remove_time_vars (boolean) – Some column names in the CSV file are used for creating the time coordinate variable in the returend Xarray DataSet. Once used the variables are not needed and will be removed from DataSet.

  • **kwargs (keywords) – Keywords to pass through to ACT read_csv() routine.


ds (xarray.Dataset) – Standard ARM Xarray dataset with the data cleaned up to have units, long_name, correct type and some other stuff.