act.utils.planck_converter(wnum=None, radiance=None, temperature=None, units='cm')[source]

Planck function to convert radiance to temperature or temperature to radiance given a corresponding wavenumber value.

Constants have been updated to reflect those used on the NOAA site

  • wnum (float or list or numpy array) – Wave number for corresponding radiance or temperature value.

  • radiance (float or list or numpy array) – Radiance value of corresponding wavenumber in W/m^2/sr/cm.

  • temperature (float or list or numpy array) – Temperature value of corresponding wavenumber in degK/cm.

  • units (string) – Units value to use. Default to cm, other option is m


This procedure was created for the AERI vs. IRT comparison from F77 code orginally written by Jim Liligren and passed to the DQO by the ARM IRT mentor.


> planck_converter(wnum=1100, temperature=300) 81.49372361846207

> planck_converter(wnum=1100, radiance=81.49) 299.9974150039702