This module contains classes for displaying data. act.plotting.Display() is the base class on which all other Display classes are inherited from. If you are making a new Display object, please make it inherited from this class.

act.plotting.ContourDisplay() handles the plotting of contour plots.
act.plotting.GeographicPlotDisplay() handles the plotting of lat-lon plots.
act.plotting.HistogramDisplay() handles the plotting of histogram plots.
act.plotting.SkewTDisplay() handles the plotting of Skew-T diagrams.
act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay() handles the plotting of timeseries.
act.plotting.WindRoseDisplay() handles the plotting of wind rose plots.
act.plotting.XSectionDisplay() handles the plotting of cross sections.


ContourDisplay(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name])

This subclass contains routines that are specific to plotting contour plots from data.

Display(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name, ...])

This class is the base class for all of the other Display object types in ACT.

GeographicPlotDisplay(obj[, ds_name])

A class for making geographic tracer plot of aircraft, ship or other moving platform plot.

HistogramDisplay(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name])

This class is used to make histogram plots.

SkewTDisplay(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name])

A class for making Skew-T plots.

TimeSeriesDisplay(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name])

This subclass contains routines that are specific to plotting time series plots from data.

WindRoseDisplay(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name])

A class for handing wind rose plots.

XSectionDisplay(obj[, subplot_shape, ds_name])

Plots cross sections of multidimensional datasets.