act.utils.is_sun_visible(latitude=None, longitude=None, date_time=None, dawn_dusk=False)[source]

Determine if sun is above horizon at for a list of times.

  • latitude (int, float) – Latitude in degrees north positive. Must be a scalar.

  • longitude (int, float) – Longitude in degrees east positive. Must be a scalar.

  • date_time (datetime.datetime, numpy.array.datetime64, list of datetime.datetime) – Datetime with timezone, datetime with no timezone in UTC, or numpy.datetime64 format in UTC. Can be a single datetime object or list of datetime objects.

  • dawn_dusk (boolean) – If set to True, will use skyfields dark_twilight_day function to calculate sun up Returns a list of int’s instead of boolean. 0 - Dark of Night 1 - Astronomical Twilight 2 - Nautical Twilight 3 - Civil Twilight 4 - Sun Is Up


result (list) – List matching size of date_time containing True/False if sun is above horizon.