act.retrievals.process_sp2_psds(particle_ds, hk_ds, config_file, deltaSize=0.005, num_bins=199, avg_interval=10)[source]

Processes the Scattering and BC mass size distributions.

  • particle_ds (xarray.Dataset) – The xarray Dataset containing the particle statistics generated by act.retrievals.calc_sp2_diams_masses.

  • hk_ds (xarray.Dataset) – The xarray Dataset containing the housekeeping variables

  • config_file (file_name) – Path to the .INI file.

  • deltaSize (float) – The size distribution bin width in microns.

  • num_bins (int) – The number of size bins

  • avg_interval (int) – The time in seconds to average the concentrations into.


psd_ds (xarray.Dataset) – The xarray Dataset containing the time-averaged particle statistics.