act.utils.get_sunrise_sunset_noon(latitude=None, longitude=None, date=None, library='skyfield', timezone=False)[source]

Calculate sunrise, sunset and local solar noon times.

  • latitude (int, float) – Latitude in degrees north positive. Must be a scalar.

  • longitude (int, float) – Longitude in degrees east positive. Must be a scalar.

  • date ((datetime.datetime, numpy.datetime64, list of datetime.datetime,) – numpy.array of numpy.datetime64, string, list of string) Date(s) to return sunrise, sunset and noon times spaning the first date to last date if more than one provided. May be a scalar or vector. If entered as a string must follow YYYYMMDD format.

  • library (str) – Library to use for making calculations. Options include [‘skyfield’]

  • timezone (boolean) – Have timezone with datetime.


result (tuple of three numpy.array) – Tuple of three values sunrise, sunset, noon. Values will be a list. If no values can be calculated will return empty list. If the date is within polar night will return empty lists. If spans the transition to polar day will return previous sunrise or next sunset outside of date range provided.