QCFilter.add_equal_to_test(var_name, limit_value, test_meaning=None, test_assessment='Bad', test_number=None, flag_value=False, limit_attr_name=None, prepend_text=None, use_dask=False)

Method to perform an equal test and add result to ancillary quality control variable. If ancillary quality control variable does not exist it will be created.

  • var_name (str) – Data variable name.

  • limit_value (int or float or None) – Limit value to use in test. The value will be written to the quality control variable as an attribute. If set to None will return without setttin test.

  • test_meaning (str) – The optional text description to add to flag_meanings describing the test. Will add a default if not set.

  • test_assessment (str) – Optional single word describing the assessment of the test. Will set a default if not set.

  • test_number (int) – Optional test number to use. If not set will ues next available test number.

  • flag_value (boolean) – Indicates that the tests are stored as integers not bit packed values in quality control variable.

  • limit_attr_name (str) – Optional attribute name to store the limit_value under quality control ancillary variable.

  • prepend_text (str) – Optional text to prepend to the test meaning. Example is indicate what institution added the test.

  • use_dask (boolean) – Option to use Dask for searching if data is stored in a Dask array


test_info (tuple) – A tuple containing test information including var_name, qc variable name, test_number, test_meaning, test_assessment