DistributionDisplay.plot_stairstep(field, dsname=None, bins=10, sortby_field=None, sortby_bins=None, subplot_index=(0,), set_title=None, density=False, hist_kwargs={}, **kwargs)[source]

This procedure will plot a stairstep plot of a histogram.

  • field (str) – The name of the field to take the histogram of.

  • dsname (str or None) – The name of the datastream the field is contained in. Set to None to let ACT automatically determine this.

  • bins (array-like or int) – The histogram bin boundaries to use. If not specified, numpy’s default 10 is used.

  • sortby_field (str or None) – Set this option to a field name in order to sort the histograms by a given field parameter. For example, one can sort histograms of CO2 concentration by temperature.

  • sortby_bins (array-like or None) – The bins to sort the histograms by.

  • subplot_index (tuple) – The subplot index to place the plot in.

  • set_title (str) – The title of the plot.

  • density (bool) – Set to True to plot a p.d.f. instead of a frequency histogram.

  • hist_kwargs (dict) – Additional keyword arguments to pass to numpy histogram.

  • Other keyword arguments will be passed into :func:`matplotlib.pyplot.step`.


return_dict (dict) – A dictionary containing the plot axis handle, bin boundaries, and generated histogram.