DistributionDisplay.plot_size_distribution(field, bins, time=None, dsname=None, subplot_index=(0,), set_title=None, **kwargs)[source]

This procedure plots a stairstep plot of a size distribution. This is useful for plotting size distributions and waveforms.

  • field (str) – The name of the field to plot the spectrum from.

  • bins (str or array-like) – The name of the field that stores the bins for the spectra.

  • time (none or datetime) – If None, spectra to plot will be automatically determined. Otherwise, specify this field for the time period to plot.

  • dsname (str) – The name of the Dataset to plot. Set to None to have ACT automatically determine this.

  • subplot_index (tuple) – The subplot index to place the plot in.

  • set_title (str or None) – Use this to set the title.

  • Additional keyword arguments will be passed into :func:`matplotlib.pyplot.step`


ax (matplotlib axis handle) – The matplotlib axis handle referring to the plot.