GeographicPlotDisplay.geoplot(data_field=None, lat_field='lat', lon_field='lon', dsname=None, cbar_label=None, title=None, projection=None, plot_buffer=0.08, img_tile=None, img_tile_args={}, tile=8, cartopy_feature=None, cmap='rainbow', text=None, gridlines=True, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a latitude and longitude plot of a time series data set with data values indicated by color and described with a colorbar. Latitude values must be in degree north (-90 to 90) and longitude must be in degree east (-180 to 180).

  • data_field (str) – Name of data field in the dataset to plot.

  • lat_field (str) – Name of latitude field in the dataset to use.

  • lon_field (str) – Name of longitude field in the dataset to use.

  • dsname (str or None) – The name of the datastream to plot. Set to None to make ACT attempt to automatically determine this.

  • cbar_label (str) – Label to use with colorbar. If set to None will attempt to create label from long_name and units.

  • title (str) – Plot title.

  • projection ( object) – Project to use on plot. See

  • plot_buffer (float) – Buffer to add around data on plot in lat and lon dimension.

  • img_tile (str) – Image to use for the plot background. Set to None to not use background image. For all image background types, see: Default is None.

  • img_tile_args (dict) – Keyword arguments for the chosen img_tile. These arguments can be found for the corresponding img_tile here: Default is an empty dictionary.

  • tile (int) – Tile zoom to use with background image. Higher number indicates more resolution. A value of 8 is typical for a normal sonde plot.

  • cartopy_feature (list of str or str) – Cartopy feature to add to plot.

  • cmap (str) – Color map to use for colorbar.

  • text (dictionary) – Dictionary of {text:[lon,lat]} to add to plot. Can have more than one set of text to add.

  • gridlines (boolean) – Use latitude and longitude gridlines.

  • **kwargs (keyword arguments) – Any other keyword arguments that will be passed into matplotlib.pyplot.scatter() when the figure is made. See the matplotlib documentation for further details on what keyword arguments are available.


ax (matplotlib axis handle) – The matplotlib axis handle of the plot.