This module contains various retrievals for datasets.


aeri2irt(aeri_ds[, wnum_name, rad_name, ...])

This function will integrate over the correct wavenumber values to produce the effective IRT temperature.

calc_sp2_diams_masses(ds[, debug, factor, ...])

Calculates the scattering and incandescence diameters/BC masses for each particle.

calculate_dsh_from_dsdh_sdn(ds[, dsdh, sdn, ...])

Function to derive the downwelling shortwave hemispheric irradiance from the downwelling shortwave diffuse hemispheric irradiance (dsdh) and the shortwave direct normal irradiance (sdn) at a given location (lat,lon)

calculate_irradiance_stats(ds[, variable, ...])

Function to calculate the difference and ratio between two irradiance.

calculate_longwave_radiation(ds[, ...])

Function to calculate longwave radiation during clear and cloudy sky conditions using equations from Monteith and Unsworth 2013, Prata 1996, as reported in Splitt and Bahrmann 1999.

calculate_net_radiation(ds[, ush, ulh, dsh, ...])

Function to calculate the net radiation from upwelling short and long-wave irradiance and downwelling short and long-wave hemisperic irradiances

calculate_pbl_heffter(ds[, temperature, ...])

Function for calculating the PBL height from a radiosonde profile using the Heffter technique.

calculate_pbl_liu_liang(ds[, temperature, ...])

Function for calculating the PBL height from a radiosonde profile using the Liu-Liang 2010 technique.

calculate_precipitable_water(ds[, ...])

Function to calculate precipitable water vapor from ARM sondewnpn b1 data.

calculate_stability_indicies(ds[, ...])

Function for calculating stability indices from sounding data.

compute_winds_from_ppi(ds[, elevation_name, ...])

This function will convert a Doppler Lidar PPI scan into vertical distribution of horizontal wind direction and speed.

generic_sobel_cbh(ds[, variable, ...])

Function for calculating cloud base height from lidar/radar data using a basic sobel filter and thresholding.

process_sp2_psds(particle_ds, hk_ds, config_file)

Processes the Scattering and BC mass size distributions.

sst_from_irt(ds[, sky_irt, sfc_irt, emis, ...])

Base function to calculate sea surface temperatures from Sky and Surface IRT values.

sum_function_irt(temperature, inTotal[, ...])

Function to calculate radiance values from temperature.