, datatype=None, remove_time_vars=True, convert_missing=True, **kwargs)[source]

Function to call or guess what reading NOAA GML daga routine to use. It tries to guess the correct reading function to call based on filename. It mostly works, but you may want to specify for best results.

  • filename (str or pathlib.Path) – Data file full path name. In theory it should work with a list of filenames but it is not working as well with that as expected.

  • datatype (str) – Data file type that bypasses the guessing from filename format and goes directly to the reading routine. Options include [MET, RADIATION, OZONE, CO2, HALO]

  • remove_time_vars (bool) – Some variables are convereted into coordinate variables in Xarray DataSet and not needed after conversion. This will remove those variables.

  • convert_missing (bool) – Convert missing value indicator in CSV to NaN in Xarray DataSet.

  • **kwargs (keywords) – Keywords to pass through to instrument specific reading routine.


ds (xarray.Dataset) – Standard ARM Xarray dataset with the data cleaned up to have units, long_name, correct type and some other stuff.