DistributionDisplay.plot_pie_chart(fields, time=None, time_slice=None, threshold=None, fill_value=0.0, dsname=None, subplot_index=(0,), set_title=None, autopct='%1.1f%%', **kwargs)[source]

This procedure will produce a pie chart for the selected fields.

  • fields (list) – The list of fields to calculate percentages on for the pie chart.

  • time (datetime) – A single datetime to be passed into the act.utils.calculate percentages function if desired. Default is None and all data will be included.

  • time_slice (tuple) – A tuple of two datetimes to grab all data between those two datetimes for act.utils.calculate_percentages. Default is None and all data will be included.

  • threshold (float) – Threshold in which anything below will be considered invalid. Default is None.

  • fill_value (float) – Fill value for invalid data. Only used if a threshold is provided.

  • dsname (str or None) – The name of the datastream the field is contained in. Set to None to let ACT automatically determine this.

  • subplot_index (tuple) – The subplot index to place the plot in

  • set_title (str) – The title of the plot.

  • autopct (str) – Format string for the percentages. Default is float with one decimal place. If this parameter is set to None, no percentage string values are displayed.

  • **kwargs (keywords) – Keywords to pass through to matplotlib.pyplot.pie().


ax (matplotlib axis handle) – The matplotlib axis handle of the plot