act.retrievals.calculate_pbl_heffter(ds, temperature='tdry', pressure='pres', height='alt', smooth_height=3, base=5.0)[source]

Function for calculating the PBL height from a radiosonde profile using the Heffter technique. There are differences from the ARM VAP at times due to different averaging schemes. Larger differences do occur at times and are unknown as to the cause but it is being investigated and is potential a code issue with the VAP.

  • ds (xarray Dataset) – Dataset housing radiosonde profile for calculations

  • temperature (str) – The name of the temperature field.

  • pressure (str) – The name of the pressure field.

  • height (str) – The name of the height field

  • smooth_height (int) – Number of points to do a moving average on sounding height data to reduce noise

  • base (int) – Interval for pressure gridding. In testing, 5 mb was found to produce results with the lowest RMS


ds (xarray Dataset) – xarray dataset with results stored in pblht_liu_liang variable


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