SkewTDisplay.plot_hodograph(spd_field, dir_field, color_field=None, set_fig=None, set_axes=None, component_range=80, dsname=None, uv_flag=False)[source]

This will plot a hodograph from the radiosonde wind data using MetPy

  • spd_field (str) – The name of the field corresponding to the wind speed.

  • dir_field (str) – The name of the field corresponding to the wind direction in degrees from North.

  • color_field (str, optional) – The name of the field if wanting to shade by another variable

  • set_fig (matplotlib figure, optional) – The figure to plot on

  • set_axes (matplotlib axes, optional) – The specific axes to plot on

  • component_range (int) – Range of the hodograph. Default is 80

  • dsname (str) – Name of the datastream to plot if multiple in the plot object

  • uv_flag (boolean) – If set to True, spd_field and dir_field will be treated as the U and V wind variable names


self.axes (matplotlib axes)