act.utils.generate_movie(images, write_filename=None, fps=10, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a movie from a list of images or convert movie to different type

  • images (list, PosixPath generator, path to a directory, single string/PosixPath to movie) – List of images in the correct order to make into a movie or a generator from a pathlib.Path.glob() search. If a path to directory will create movie from all files in that directory in alpanumeric order. If a single file to a movie will allow for converting to new format defined by file extension of write_filename.

  • write_filename (str, pathlib.Path, None) – Movie output filename. Default is ‘movie.mp4’ in current directory. If a path to a directory that does not exist, will create the directory path.

  • fps (int) – Frames per second. Passed into moviepy->ImageSequenceClip() method

  • **kwargs (dict) – Optional keywords passed into moviepy->write_videofile() method


write_filename (str) – Full path name of created movie file