TimeSeriesDisplay.qc_flag_block_plot(data_field=None, dsname=None, subplot_index=(0,), time_rng=None, assessment_color=None, edgecolor='face', set_shading='auto', cvd_friendly=False, **kwargs)[source]

Create a time series plot of embedded quality control values using broken barh plotting.

  • data_field (str) – Name of data field in the dataset to plot corresponding quality control.

  • dsname (None or str) – If there is more than one datastream in the display object the name of the datastream needs to be specified. If set to None and there is only one datastream ACT will use the sole datastream in the object.

  • subplot_index (1 or 2D tuple, list, or array) – The index of the subplot to set the x range of.

  • time_rng (tuple or list) – List or tuple with (min, max) values to set the x-axis range limits.

  • assessment_color (dict) – Dictionary lookup to override default assessment to color. Make sure assessment work is correctly set with case syntax.

  • edgecolor (str or list) – Color name, list of color names or ‘face’ as defined in matplotlib.axes.Axes.broken_barh

  • set_shading (string) – Option to to set the matplotlib.pcolormesh shading parameter. Default to ‘auto’

  • cvd_friendly (boolean) – Set to true if you want to use the integrated color vision deficiency (CVD) friendly colors for green/red based on the Homeyer colormap

  • **kwargs (keyword arguments) – The keyword arguments for plt.broken_barh().