, format=Formats.FFI1001, return_None=False, **kwargs)[source]

Returns xarray.Dataset with stored data and metadata from a user-defined query of ICARTT from a single datastream. Has some procedures to ensure time is correctly fomatted in returned Dataset.

  • filename (str) – Name of file to read.

  • format (str) – ICARTT Format to Read: FFI1001 or FFI2110.

  • return_None (bool, optional) – Catch IOError exception when file not found and return None. Default is False.

  • **kwargs (keywords) – keywords to pass on through to icartt.Dataset.


ds (xarray.Dataset (or None)) – ACT Xarray dataset (or None if no data file(s) found).


This example will load the example sounding data used for unit testing.

import act
ds =