QCFilter.create_qc_variable(var_name, flag_type=False, flag_values_set_value=0, qc_var_name=None)[source]

Method to create a quality control variable in the dataset. Will try not to destroy the qc variable by appending numbers to the variable name if needed.

  • var_name (str) – Data variable name.

  • flag_type (boolean) – If an integer flag type should be created instead of bitpacked mask type. Will create flag_values instead of flag_masks.

  • flag_values_set_value (int) – Initial flag value to use when initializing array.

  • qc_var_name (str) – Optional new quality control variable name. If not set will create one using "qc_" prepended to the data variable name. If the name given or created is taken will append a number that does not have a conflict.


qc_var_name (str) – Name of new quality control variable created.


from act.tests import EXAMPLE_AOSMET
from import read_arm_netcdf
ds = read_arm_netcdf(EXAMPLE_AOSMET)
qc_var_name = ds.qcfilter.create_qc_variable('temperature_ambient')