act.discovery.get_airnow_forecast(token, date, zipcode=None, latlon=None, distance=25)[source]

This tool will get current or historical AQI values and categories for a reporting area by either Zip code or Lat/Lon coordinate.

  • token (str) – The access token for accesing the AirNowAPI web server

  • date (str) – The date of the data to be acquired. Format is YYYY-MM-DD

  • zipcode (str) – The zipcode of the location for the data request. If zipcode is not defined then a latlon coordinate must be defined.

  • latlon (array) – The latlon coordinate of the loaction for the data request. If latlon is not defined then a zipcode must be defined.

  • distance (int) – If no reporting are is associated with the specified zipcode or latlon, return a forcast from a nearby reporting area with this distance (in miles). Default is 25 miles


ds (xarray.Dataset) – Returns an Xarray dataset object


act.discovery.get_AirNow_forecast(token=’XXXXXX’, zipcode=’60440’, date=’2012-05-31’)