class act.qc.QCFilter(ds)[source]

A class for building quality control variables containing arrays for filtering data based on a set of test condition typically based on the values in the data fields. These filters can be used in various algorithms and calculations within ACT.


add_atmospheric_pressure_test(var_name[, ...])

Method to perform a limit test on atmospheric pressure data using pressure derived from altitude value.

add_delta_test(var_name[, diff_limit, ...])

Method to perform a difference test on adjacent values in time series.

add_difference_test(var_name[, ...])

Method to perform a comparison test on time series data.

add_equal_to_test(var_name, limit_value[, ...])

Method to perform an equal test and add result to ancillary quality control variable.

add_gesd_test(var_name[, outliers, alpha, ...])

Method to perform generalized Extreme Studentized Deviate test to detect one or more outliers in a univariate data set that follows an approximately normal distribution.

add_greater_equal_test(var_name, limit_value)

Method to perform a greater than or equal to test (i.e.

add_greater_test(var_name, limit_value[, ...])

Method to perform a greater than test (i.e.

add_inside_test(var_name, limit_value_lower, ...)

Method to perform a greater than or less than test (i.e.

add_iqr_test(var_name[, coef, test_meaning, ...])

Method to perform an interquartile range outliers test on 1D data.

add_less_equal_test(var_name, limit_value[, ...])

Method to perform a less than or equal to test (i.e.

add_less_test(var_name, limit_value[, ...])

Method to perform a less than test (i.e.

add_missing_value_test(var_name[, ...])

Method to add indication in quality control variable where data value is set to missing value.

add_not_equal_to_test(var_name, limit_value)

Method to perform a not equal to test and add result to ancillary quality control variable.

add_outside_test(var_name, ...[, ...])

Method to perform a less than or greater than test (i.e.

add_persistence_test(var_name[, window, ...])

Method to perform a persistence test over 1-D data..

add_test(var_name[, index, test_number, ...])

Method to add a new test/filter to a quality control variable.

available_bit(qc_var_name[, recycle])

Method to determine next available bit or flag to use with a QC test.

bsrn_comparison_tests(test[, ...])

Method to apply BSRN comparison tests and add results to ancillary quality control variable.

bsrn_limits_test([test, gbl_SW_dn_name, ...])

Method to apply BSRN limits test and add results to ancillary quality control variable.

check_for_ancillary_qc(var_name[, ...])

Method to check if a quality control variable exist in the dataset and return the quality control varible name.

compare_time_series_trends([var_name, ...])

Method to perform a time series comparison test between two Xarray Datasets to detect a shift in time based on two similar variables.

create_qc_variable(var_name[, flag_type, ...])

Method to create a quality control variable in the dataset.

datafilter([variables, rm_assessments, ...])

Method to apply quality control variables to data variables by changing the data values in the dataset using quality control variables.

get_masked_data(var_name[, rm_assessments, ...])

Returns a numpy masked array containing data and mask or a numpy float array with masked values set to NaN.

get_qc_test_mask([var_name, test_number, ...])

Returns a numpy array of False or True where a particular flag or bit is set in a numpy array.

remove_test([var_name, test_number, ...])

Method to remove a test/filter from a quality control variable.

set_test(var_name[, index, test_number, ...])

Method to set a test/filter in a quality control variable.

unset_test([var_name, qc_var_name, index, ...])

Method to unset a test/filter from a quality control variable.

update_ancillary_variable(var_name[, ...])

Method to check if ancillary_variables variable attribute is set with quality control variable name.