act.retrievals.calc_sp2_diams_masses(ds, debug=True, factor=1.0, Globals=None)[source]

Calculates the scattering and incandescence diameters/BC masses for each particle.

  • ds (xarray.Dataset) – The ACT xarray dataset containing the processed SP2 data.

  • debug (boolean) – If true, print out particle rejection statistics

  • factor (float) – Multiply soot masses by this factor for AquaDag calibation. Use 1.3 for NSA.

  • Globals (act.qc.SP2ParticleCriteria structure or None) – DMTGlobals structure containing calibration coefficients. Set to None to use default values for MOSAiC.


diam_ds (xarray.Dataset) – The ACT xarray dataset containing the scattering/incadescence diameters.