DistributionDisplay.plot_violin(field, positions=None, dsname=None, vert=True, showmeans=True, showmedians=True, showextrema=True, subplot_index=(0,), set_title=None, **kwargs)[source]

This procedure will produce a violin plot for the selected field (or fields).

  • field (str or list) – The name of the field (or fields) to display on the X axis.

  • positions (array-like, Default: None) – The positions of the ticks along dependent axis.

  • dsname (str or None) – The name of the datastream the field is contained in. Set to None to let ACT automatically determine this.

  • vert (Boolean, Default: True) – Display violin plot vertical. False will display horizontal.

  • showmeans (Boolean; Default: False) – If True, will display the mean of the datastream.

  • showmedians (Boolean; Default: False) – If True, will display the medium of the datastream.

  • showextrema (Boolean; Default: False) – If True, will display the extremes of the datastream.

  • subplot_index (tuple) – The subplot index to place the plot in

  • set_title (str) – The title of the plot.

  • Other keyword arguments will be passed into :func:`matplotlib.pyplot.violinplot`.


ax (matplotlib axis handle) – The matplotlib axis handle of the plot