Simple plot of 2D dataΒΆ

This is an example of how to download and plot ceiliometer data from the SGP site over Oklahoma.

sgpceilC1.b1 backscatter on 20220114

If you use these data to prepare a publication, please cite:

Zhang, D., Ermold, B., & Morris, V. Ceilometer (CEIL). Atmospheric Radiation
Measurement (ARM) User Facility.

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import os

from arm_test_data import DATASETS
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import act

# Place your username and token here
username = os.getenv('ARM_USERNAME')
token = os.getenv('ARM_PASSWORD')

# If the username and token are not set, use the existing sample file
if username is None or token is None or len(username) == 0 or len(token) == 0:
    filename_ceil = DATASETS.fetch('')
    ceil_ds =, engine='netcdf4')
    # Example to show how easy it is to download ARM data if a username/token are set
    results = act.discovery.download_arm_data(
        username, token, 'sgpceilC1.b1', '2022-01-14', '2022-01-19'
    ceil_ds =

# Adjust ceilometer data for plotting
ceil_ds = act.corrections.ceil.correct_ceil(ceil_ds, -9999.0)

# Plot up ceilometer backscatter using HomeyerRainbow CVD friendly colormap
# The same could be done with keyword 'cmap='HomeyerRainbow'
display = act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay(ceil_ds, subplot_shape=(1,), figsize=(15, 5))
display.plot('backscatter', subplot_index=(0,), cvd_friendly=True)

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