Query the ARM DQR webserviceΒΆ

Simple example for querying the ARM DQR webservice and plotting up the results

Author: Adam Theisen

maraosmetM1.a1 temperature_ambient on 20180201
from arm_test_data import DATASETS
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

import act

# Read in sample AOSMET data
filename_aosmet = DATASETS.fetch('maraosmetM1.a1.20180201.000000.nc')
ds = act.io.arm.read_arm_netcdf(filename_aosmet)

# Query DQR webservice for a specific variable
# As can be seen in the "Plotting QC Flags" example
# a call to obj.clean.cleanup() would normally be needed
# in order to plot up ARM's QC information.  In this case
# the call to add DQRs to the QC automatically applies that
# cleanup so you don't have to.
variable = 'temperature_ambient'
ds = act.qc.arm.add_dqr_to_qc(ds, variable=variable)

# Plot data
# Creat Plot Display
display = act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay(ds, figsize=(15, 10), subplot_shape=(2,))

# Plot temperature data in top plot
display.plot(variable, subplot_index=(0,))

# Plot QC data
display.qc_flag_block_plot(variable, subplot_index=(1,))

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