Example plot using heat mapsΒΆ

Compare MET temperature and RH using a heatmap and scatter plot.

Author: Adam Theisen

Heatmap of MET RH vs Temp, Scatter plot of MET RH vs Temp
from arm_test_data import DATASETS
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import act

# Read MET data in from the test data area
met_wildcard_list = [
met_filenames = [DATASETS.fetch(file) for file in met_wildcard_list]
ds = act.io.arm.read_arm_netcdf(met_filenames)

# Create a DistributionDisplay object to compare fields
display = act.plotting.DistributionDisplay(ds, subplot_shape=(1, 2), figsize=(12, 5))

# Plot a heatmap and scatter plot up of RH vs Temperature
# Set the number of bins for the x-axis to 25 and y to 20
title = 'Heatmap of MET RH vs Temp'
    'temp_mean', 'rh_mean', x_bins=25, y_bins=20, threshold=0, subplot_index=(0, 0), set_title=title

# Plot the scatter plot and shade by wind_speed
title = 'Scatter plot of MET RH vs Temp'
display.plot_scatter('temp_mean', 'rh_mean', subplot_index=(0, 1), set_title=title, m_field='time')


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