Enhanced plot of a soundingΒΆ

This example shows how to make an enhance plot for sounding data which includes a Skew-T plot, hodograph, and stability indicies.

Author: Adam Theisen

sgpsondewnpnC1.b1 on 20190101
/home/runner/work/ACT/ACT/act/retrievals/sonde.py:179: UserWarning: Interpolation point out of data bounds encountered
  lfc = mpcalc.lfc(p_sorted[0], t_sorted[0], td_sorted[0])

from arm_test_data import DATASETS
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

import act

# Read data
filename_sonde = DATASETS.fetch('sgpsondewnpnC1.b1.20190101.053200.cdf')
ds = act.io.arm.read_arm_netcdf(filename_sonde)

# Plot enhanced Skew-T plot
display = act.plotting.SkewTDisplay(ds)


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