Plot a histogram of Met data.ΒΆ

This is a simple example for how to plot a histogram of Meteorological data, while using hist_kwargs parameter.

Author: Zachary Sherman

sgpmetE13.b1 temp_mean on 20190101
from arm_test_data import DATASETS
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

import act

filename_met = DATASETS.fetch('sgpmetE13.b1.20190101.000000.cdf')
met_ds =

# Plot data
hist_kwargs = {'range': (-10, 10)}
histdisplay = act.plotting.DistributionDisplay(met_ds)
histdisplay.plot_stacked_bar('temp_mean', bins=np.arange(-40, 40, 5), hist_kwargs=hist_kwargs)

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