Calculate and plot aerosol percentages.ΒΆ

Example on how to plot a Pie Chart of the composition of aerosols in a volume of air by obtaining percentages of each aerosol from the dataset.

Author: Zach Sherman

plot calculated percentages
from arm_test_data import DATASETS
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import act

# Read in the data.
ds =""))

# Calculate percentages using selected fields.
fields = ['sulfate', 'ammonium', 'nitrate', 'chloride']
time_slice = ('2023-04-20T17:38:20.000000000', '2023-04-20T20:29:47.000000000')
threshold = 0.0
percentages = act.utils.calculate_percentages(ds, fields, time_slice=time_slice, threshold=0.0)

# Get values for the pie chart.
labels = percentages.keys()
sizes = [percentages[i] for i in percentages.keys()]

# Plot the figure
fig, ax = plt.subplots()
ax.pie(sizes, labels=labels, autopct='%1.1f%%')

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