Plot SurfRad DataΒΆ

This data shows how to read in SurfRad data from the urls and plot the data up in a time series

Author: Adam Theisen

SURFRAD Site: tbl downwelling_global on 20230108, SURFRAD Site: tbl total_net on 20230108
Downloading tbl23152.dat
Downloading tbl23153.dat
['/home/runner/work/ACT/ACT/examples/io/Boulder_CO_surfrad/tbl23152.dat', '/home/runner/work/ACT/ACT/examples/io/Boulder_CO_surfrad/tbl23153.dat']
/home/runner/work/ACT/ACT/examples/io/ UserWarning: No artists with labels found to put in legend.  Note that artists whose label start with an underscore are ignored when legend() is called with no argument.

import act
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Easily download data from SURFRAD
results = act.discovery.download_surfrad_data('tbl', startdate='20230601', enddate='20230602')

# But it's easy enough to read form the URLs as well
url = [
ds =

# Create an ACT TimeSeriesDisplay.
display = act.plotting.TimeSeriesDisplay(ds, subplot_shape=(2,), figsize=(15, 10))

# Plot different variables from the SURFRAD data
display.plot('upwelling_global', subplot_index=(0,), label='Upwelling')
display.plot('downwelling_global', subplot_index=(0,), label='Downwelling')

display.plot('net_radiation', subplot_index=(1,), label='Net Radiation')
display.plot('net_ir', subplot_index=(1,), label='Net IR')
display.plot('total_net', subplot_index=(1,), label='Total Net')

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